Arindam Dey interview for Branwyn E-Magazine

Issue: May 2014

Giving an introduction of the prominent author Arindam Dey is just like showing light to the sun. Still, for our readers’ information, we wish to tell that Mr. Arindam is one of those few authors in publishing industry who have not only celebrated their stardom but also kept their ego grounded. And that is why, book after book, he has been gaining the immense love of his readers. Mr. Dey obliged Branwyn with an interview in spite of his overbusy schedule…


1. How would you define writing especially popular fiction writing?

I would like to define writing as a special tool to touch a life we may have never seen, or a medium to communicate with a heart we may have never met, in some way, any way. It may be just a few words, an anecdote, a poetry or even a popular fiction.

Though I would not dismiss popular fiction writing out of writing in general, but I would limit it at times to a process of writing a story by playing with pre-defined parameters like certain settings and values. Popular fiction writing has been labelled as market oriented works, bound by sales predictions and to a great extent playing it safe, while literary fiction writing on the other hand has been termed more adventurous, though more tricky for the market at the same time, but limitless. But times are changing, and we are already seeing breakthroughs in popular fiction writing as well with new ideas and innovative plots coming up pretty regularly.

2. Let us know one misconception you had about writing world which was proved wrong later.

First of all, having written a lot of short stories since my school days, I used to think even writing a novel would not be that hard. This misconception flew out of the window right the moment I started my first novel.

Well, on a serious note, my introduction to the writing world was not a sweet one. My first novel was due to come out a couple of years earlier with another publisher. However, due to some strong difference in principles with my then publisher, I had to put the process on a hold midway. As a means of revenge, the publisher had stolen the name and tagline of my novel and brought out another book from another author right after that with the same title and tagline. That had shaken my confidence and trust with the publishers badly. I was scared that my synopsis, sample chapters and other docs were not safe with the publisher as well. So I rewrote the entire novel over the next few months and then waited for another publisher. Luckily, I met Paperclip Books at that time and our association has been good so far. Their professionalism and transparency have restored my faith on publishers to a great extent.

3. What entrepreneurial scope do you see in writing world?

The writing world is growing, and growing fast. In India alone, readership have grown fast since the last few years and we are witnessing a new surge of young authors with numerous new novels or other fiction works. And its not only about english works, but works in the vernaculars as well. There are a lot of brilliant ideas floating around with talented minds behind them, waiting to be tapped. Many new publishers are coming up on local and national scale but their number are still nowhere near as strong as to harness this immense pool of talent. So I would say the writing world holds an immense entrepreneurial scope for the ones willing to believe in and take chances with new ideas, out of the ordinary plots and most importantly, quality writing. And remember, there is always a vast readership waiting.


Thanks for being with us Mr. Arindam Dey. Branwyn Family wishes you all the very best in all your future endeavours.


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